determining alcohol of added fruit

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beers 4 º 07:44 Fri 1/25/2013

Anyone know about how much additional gravity points would be attributed to about 6 lbs of raspberries? I’m guessing .010 above the base SG.

beers 1799 º places 63 º 07:57 Fri 1/25/2013

Retake gravity measurements once you add the puree, then see how much ferments out.

08:10 Fri 1/25/2013

The issue is that fruit adds water in addition to sugar. Odds are 6 lbs of raspberries won’t appreciably change the alcohol content unless the beer is especially high or low alcohol to start.

beers 217 º 08:14 Fri 1/25/2013

6lbs. of raspberries has about 100g of sugar, so this adds roughly 0.003 to the SG and produces about 0.4% more booze.

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