DFW New Beers Available!

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beers 9 º 12:41 Fri 7/27/2012

Jester King Boxers Revenge
Jester King/Mikkeler Drinkin in the Sunbelt
Great Divide Rumble oak aged IPA
Green Flash La Freak

just landed...Rick

beers 9 º 13:59 Thu 8/9/2012

New Beers This week:

Boulevard Collab #3 Stingo

Boulevard 80 Acre Hoppy Wheat

Sam Adam's Barrel Room Thirteenth Hour, Stony Brook Red & New World

New Belgium Red Hoptober

Twisted Pine Hoppy Boy 16oz cans

Twisted Pine Red Rye-Der 17th Anniversary Ale

Shiner Octoberfest 22oz bottles

Rogness Yogi Chai Spiced Amber Ale

Dogfish Ale Tweason Ale

Sam Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale

Terrapin Schmaltz Reunion Ale '12

Fireman's #4 Cans

also Lakewood Brewing Kegs (Hop Trapp & Rock Ryder )

coming tomorrow...

Stone Smoked Porter with chipotle

Stone Smoked Porter with Vanilla

more Divine Reserve!

plus more!!

Great week for new brews!!!

Cheers Rick