Did I miss the annual GD pumpkin beer thread?

Reads 484 • Replies 7 • Started Sunday, October 29, 2017 3:22:04 PM CT

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beers 3217 º places 93 º 15:22 Sun 10/29/2017

Sorry. Pumking is gross. Ats all i got

beers 1490 º places 273 º 15:26 Sun 10/29/2017

This concludes our daily PSA.

beers 17236 º places 1044 º 17:16 Sun 10/29/2017

Originally posted by sloth
Sorry. Pumking is gross. Ats all i got

You are being too kind.

beers 5470 º places 382 º 19:39 Sun 10/29/2017

I’ve had 2 new pumpkin beers this season and drank a bottle of one other I’ve had before. Thank you

beers 10941 º places 355 º 19:55 Sun 10/29/2017

Don't particularly enjoy them. Don't really understand the disdain for them either.

beers 5901 º places 589 º 08:38 Mon 10/30/2017

Originally posted by b3shine
Don't particularly enjoy them. Don't really understand the disdain for them either.

This, pumking does not do much for me, but I typically enjoy a Jolly Pumpkin La Parcela to feel like I am taking in the season.

beers 11994 º places 1351 º 14:23 Mon 10/30/2017

Me personally = Yuk.
Got a buddy who loves them however.

beers 244 º 17:13 Mon 10/30/2017

Has everyone else noticed that there seem to be fewer and fewer pumpkin beers on the shelves every year? I actually saw a guy running around a liquor store frantically looking for a pumpkin beer and all he could come up with was a pumpkin shandy (a combination that quite frankly horrifies me ;) ). Of course, he could have gotten the Sam Adams fall mix pack and gotten a couple of pumpkin beers with that, and I think there might have been some of the DFH pumpkin beer on the shelves. I guess I could have said something, but I was pretty tired and off in my own world. It's only just now that I suddenly realized that I had some potentially relevant information to add to something that was going on around me hours ago. ;)

Still, regardless, not as many pumpkin beers. It seems like it's a fad who's time has come and gone. That said, I hate to see things die out completely, so I'm glad that there remain some mass market examples of this. I do actually like my 2 pumpkin beers per 12er I get in the Sam fall packs each year. That basically satiates my desire for a pumpkin beer. :) I would probably buy Pum-kick with the Cranberry and Pumpkin if I saw it anywhere (Has that been discontinued? It doesn't seem like I've seen any in recent years). It was getting a little much when it seemed like half of the store was pumpkin beers a few years ago from August to November, though.