Do all Crystal malts taste relatively the same

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Only one thing adds mouthfeel... more malt. As far as crystal malts, they vary INCREDIBLY from one maltster to the other. I dont find one maltster even the slightest bit close to another in aroma, flavor or color. They are clearly their own artists just as we are. They are not beholden to any one set of guidelines or testing, but I can appreciate that, and use my non-year-round beers to find out what I think of different crystal and other specialty malts.

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Originally posted by erway
Only one thing adds mouthfeel... more malt.


Were talking about residual proteins and dextrins. It seems like there should be multiple ways to affect those numbers.

beers 2443 º places 19 º 21:44 Thu 11/1/2012

mmm crystals

06:19 Fri 11/2/2012

Originally posted by erway
Only one thing adds mouthfeel... more malt.

Surprised that you would say something like this.

Sure, adding more malt resulting in a higher finishing gravity will add mouthfeel, but more protein and glycerol enhance mouthfeel as well.

beers 1004 º places 41 º 06:30 Fri 11/2/2012

My personal opinion is that, the more malt in a beer (and this can result in higher FG obviously) the more mouthfeel you will have. As far as crystal malt, I have never been able to add body with it. Perception of body though color, aroma, and flavor? Sure. Never andy mouthfeel though.

beers 12 º places 3 º 07:24 Fri 11/2/2012

Mash temp can also affect mouthfeel too.

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