Do different sized co2 lines matter?

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beers 6607 º places 149 º 07:48 Thu 8/20/2015

I bought some equipment from somebody, and they have 3 lines split, but it looks like 1 is 5/16, and the others are 1/4. When running all 3, more air is coming out of the larger line than the other two. I was told by the guy at the home brew shop that this is fine and to just turn up the psi to what is need for the other 2 lines, but won’t that overcarb the bigger line?

beers 5359 º places 54 º 08:14 Thu 8/20/2015

Hmmm. I would think pressure is pressure, regardless of line diameter. It’s not like there is a continuous flow of CO2 from your regulator to the beer.

I would be more worried about the serving line diameter and length to supply the appropriate back pressure to keep the beer at proper serving conditions.

So I dont think the CO2 line diameter being 1/16th of an inch difference is a big deal at all.

08:46 Thu 8/20/2015

I think the only time it really matters is when you are running longer distances, or going vertically (say from a basement up a floor or two). Then the 5/16" line can make a big difference in your pouring capacity.

beers 2166 º places 63 º 21:53 Thu 8/20/2015

Do different sized beer lines matter? Yes, when pouring.

Do different sized CO2 lines matter? Nope.

Will you overcarbonate with a bigger line? Not even. When you force carbonate you’re supplying CO2 under pressure to a keg. The limiting factor is how quickly your beer can dissolve the CO2, not how fast C02 can be delivered to the keg.

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