Do you eat fried potatoe with beer?

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06:52 Mon 10/30/2017

Does someone know, whether it's possible to prepare somehow fried potatoes not so fat? I love to take it with my big mug of beer on dinner. I haven't asked this question on forums about diets or sport, because they would recommend me just to refuse my loved mix. I hope here I'll be understood and I'll get some good advices

beers 2015 º places 38 º 07:33 Mon 10/30/2017

Could try an air-fryer and covering the potatoes lightly in spray-oil?

beers 2072 º places 38 º 07:47 Mon 10/30/2017

I love to get the fried potatœ in my tummy with the beers and ales

beers 30223 º places 1112 º 07:48 Mon 10/30/2017

Are you talking about frenched fried potatoes?

beers 2504 º places 25 º 08:06 Mon 10/30/2017

Telling from my heart, I enjoy fry potatoe at low boost party.

beers 10566 º places 102 º 08:09 Mon 10/30/2017

Johnny Potato

beers 9317 º places 138 º 08:16 Mon 10/30/2017

Rubber Johnny

beers 13064 º places 219 º 09:26 Mon 10/30/2017

Potatœ is good. Ok.

beers 11265 º places 357 º 09:33 Mon 10/30/2017

beers 2563 º places 50 º 11:11 Mon 10/30/2017

Do you eat fried potatoe with beer?
I do, that's why I posted here.
Others into sports and diet
Would say "Put down your big mug, don't even try it!"
How do you make them not so fat?
I would prefer them more like that.
I'd really like some good advices
For fried potatoes and berliner weisses.

beers 2900 º places 125 º 11:30 Mon 10/30/2017

A whole sheet full of freshly cut potatoes tossed in two spoonfuls of oil will crisp up quite nicely in a 400 F/205 C oven and have far fewer calories than deep fried potatoes. You can add cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, onion and garlic for an even more flavorful and healthy (lower caloric density, lower glucose index) side vegetable.