Does anyone know anything about Signature Brew?

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Somehow Iíve ended up being the top rater of a brewery I know nothing, and I mean absolutely, nothing about.

Apart from the beers being available at Sourced Market in St Pancras does anyone know anything about them?

The brewery address is in Hackney but is there a brewery there?

Any help, mostly appreciated.

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No, thereís no brewery there as far as I know. The beers are made "in collaboration" with various musical artists (most of whom Iíve never heard of) and, I believe, brewed at various locations. They do claim to have a brewer on the staff, who designs the beers after a tasting session with the band/artist concerned and goes to the production venue/s to take some part in the brewing. Iím pretty sure that the Rifles one disclosed the brewing location as Titanic but I donít know about the others as Iíve not seen the bottles. Clearly someone has got some gen that at least one was brewed at Brentwood. It may be that the other two listed at Titanic were put there simply because there was one already listed there.

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Quaffale says brewed at Titanic but we wouldnít know where Rick got his gen.

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Thanks Chris and Mark, if you guys know as much as me then I donít feel so bad. I might contact them and try to find something out about how and where they brew. I just feel a bit embarrassed that Iíve drunk their beers and canít get a handle on them. Styles seem rather eclectic too. A bit like getting one of those CDs from the front of Q magazine in the 90s, a bit of everything, some work, some donít

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Anyone have any bottles that they could scrutinise for brewery info?

The eclecticism of the styles is not surprising since the way they (supposedly) operate is to ply the band concerned with a range of beers in different styles to see what they like and then seek to make something that fits in with that.

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Well the Frank Turner I am drinking clearly says "Brewed by Titanic Brewery" and their address in Burslem in Stoke.

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Its 2 or 3 fellows who brew at Titanic, one of them worked in Clerkenwell for a short time and I feel shit saying this but I cant recall his name, I think it is Tom. His dad is head brewer at Titanic, hence why they brew there.