Does the cost of the beer influence your rate?

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I am not going to trash a beer that I think is overpriced or purposely rate it lower on appearance, aroma, etc., but I have to knock some points off in the overall score and mention it in my review. Likewise, I give overall points for the opposite situation-- an exceptional, reasonably priced beer.

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Reguardless of my ratings or the scarcity or hype around a beer, I have a tough time splurging on beer that is $20 let alone $30 or $40.

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Originally posted by DalzAle

It affects my overall rating. If the taste of the beer doesnít live up to the asking price, I knock a few points off.


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I wouldnít say I intentionally factor in the price of a beer when rating it but itís difficult for it not to play a part as it is something I am aware of when drinking it. It can work either way though, if I have paid a high price for a beer and it doesnít live up to my expectation then perhaps Iím harder on it, albeit unintentionally. Likewise if the beer does live up to my expectation then maybe I give it a higher score. Itís hard to say for sure unless I was to start drinking all my beers blind from now on. I have some very cheap and very expensive beers in both my top 50 and bottom 50 so it probably doesnít play much factor.

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The price doesnít influence the score, but I will mention toward the end of the write-up if I think itís overpriced or a great value.

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I try not to let it explicitly affect the rating, but it might take its toll subconsciously.

Of course that could go either way - do you pump it up because if you spent that much it HAS to bee good or you must have been an idiot to buy it, or do you knock it down becuase you are pissed about spending so much?

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Originally posted by BlackIPA
Originally posted by DalzAle

It affects my overall rating. If the taste of the beer doesnít live up to the asking price, I knock a few points off.

Me to, anything that is expensive but ordinary in quality getís much less overall points than the same quality but cheaper.

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There is still one guy whose answer I am waiting for...

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of course! if the beer is really good and it comes in at a good price that counts for added points to me. and why not? thereís too much greed and self worship in the world for 1 and also itís a chief way to earn loyalty and respect. ya know beer -may- still be the working manís drink at least world wide. unless they keep the prices low by screwing the workers. sadly even family businesses do that.

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Somewhat. If the beer is fantastic compared to the price I will rate it slightly higher. Likewise, if it is overpriced I will knock it down. I think it has more to do with me rating according to my expectations rather than the price.