Does the cost of the beer influence your rate?

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Price should not be a factor in the score. But so much of the score can be influenced by external factors like the environment and the friends sharing the beer. A mediocre beer on a sunny day surrounded by friends can seem much better than a great beer alone in the rain. So drinking an expensive beer that does not live up to the hype (most don’t) can put a damper on your mood and affect the scores.

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There is still one guy whose answer I am waiting for...


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I will give a beer an extra point or so for value if its very good at a cheap price.
Its my way of acknowledging the brewers skill at getting a good beer at a low price point.
I am assuming using less expensive materials. For me that shows a good brewer.

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Like others have said, if a beer is a particularly good value or particularly expensive, I’ll mention it in my rating.

A recent example is Evil Twin Hipster Ale. A pretty good pale ale, but it was $4 for a 12 oz can, so I think I would probably scroll past in the future. Still gave it a pretty good rating, though.

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no, but I’ll bitch about it afterwards if it’s mediocre or less...

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There is still one guy whose answer I am waiting for...


Where is he now when we need him?

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Price can be a minor factor. For instance if I run across a $5.99 bomber that is phenomenal it might get a 0.2 bump upwards. Likewise if I have something that was $15+ but average at best it might lose a point.

Overall though I think it is better to rate based on the merits of the beer itself. Use the overall score if you are going to penalize it from something that has nothing to do with the experience itself.

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Usually by the time I get around to drinking something I forget what I spent...but I agree that if its expensive and I don’t think its good it might suffer slightly, and unconsciously, in the overall rating.

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If you (royal you) do not know how to weigh your rating about quality then often one does that through the price. Quality-price perception. It should not be the case though as one always tastes something and you either like it or not. Also to understand the process of the beer being brewed, its story or basic philosophy are points to consider, but if at all nothing of this helps price offers the substitution. Though that has never happened yet so far. Usually when you rate you give yyour note and later you can if you fancy check how much the price was. Sometimes you will be surprised... in both directions