dog runs the operation!

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beers 1226 º places 112 º 14:04 Thu 12/22/2016

from now on, i’m just going to allow my dog to pick which grains and hops i use in my next beer by biting a specific vacuum-sealed bag i have laid out on the kitchen floor. i made a pretty delicious session oat ipa once by this method. i was a little confused by his choice of Abbey malt and Munich II, but I used such small quantities of either that it didn’t really matter significantly. My dog is a natural brewer, guys.

i’m not even joking. i may even try this out for a third time.

any advice though would be appreciated!

beers 6219 º places 450 º 15:34 Thu 12/22/2016

No dog saliva glands or yeast from ears in the beer? Come on, try being a little innovative!

beers 8025 º places 322 º 15:41 Thu 12/22/2016

ISO Squirrel Chaser Abbey-P-A

16:15 Tue 12/27/2016

Just a heads up- hops can be fatal to some dogs. Both raw and post-boil have sent dogs to the vet.

beers 20019 º places 321 º 02:34 Wed 12/28/2016

Originally posted by JulienHuxley
No dog saliva glands or yeast from ears in the beer? Come on, try being a little innovative!

I won’t be trying your homebrew next time we meet Julien..

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