Downtown Indiana Oktoberfest

Reads 228 • Replies 1 • Started Friday, August 26, 2016 9:47:46 AM CT

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beers 4279 º places 330 º 09:47 Fri 8/26/2016

Sat. Sep. 24 from 3-6pm $35 (VIP 2-6pm, $60), 18 breweries lined up so far.

If you plan to come up, let me know.

So far: All Saints, Block House, Church, Doc G’s, East End, Full Pint, Grist House, Levity, Marzonis, Noble Stein, North Country, Otto’s, Penn, Reclamation, Riepstine’s, Rivertowne, Rock Bottom, Rusty Rail.

beers 1606 º places 115 º 12:18 Thu 9/22/2016

See you there, Nate.