Drink From the Can?

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So when I was in Vermont a few weeks ago, I had some Heady Topper, and on the can it says some shit about "DRINK FROM THE CAN". And EVERYONE does this locally. They thought I was some infidel when I demanded a room temperature glass for this beer.

Whatís the rationale for this? I think someone said something how the brewery doesnít want the unfiltered sediment to make a cloudy beer. If true, I think itís fucking stupid. Iíd much rather be able to smell my IIPA than see it be unfiltered.

beers 4603 º places 30 º 12:11 Sun 6/23/2013

I had one that I poured into a glass. Looked like it had cornflakes floating in it. Hadnít seen something like that since I had some really old Belgian beers. Had another one that poured very clear.

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It does seem to be the custom for that and a few other beers. daisy cutter, jai alai and heady. Donít know why it is but you shouldnít feel guilty about having ti however you like it. =)

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First time I rated this I poured it into a glass, like I do with every beer. Had another, so I took that to a gathering and tried drinking it straight from the can. It might have been just in my head, I may have been enjoying myself more, or maybe I was just being less critical, but I enjoyed it significantly more from the can than from the glass

Iíve noticed that I really donít mind drinking DIPAs from the can. Drank a butt-load of Resin last summer straight out of the can, was repeatedly enjoyable. Porters and stouts straight from the can, however.. No. Tried that with a Revolution Eugene. I think itís a good brew, but the aroma is just muted from the can

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its just so you donít notice all the floaties. thats it.

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ya, Iíve seen similar stuff on other cans (the companies do not come to mind). And yes, I too donít get it.

beers 3674 º places 333 º 12:47 Sun 6/23/2013

I donít give a shit about floaties. I do give a shit about aroma and taste, though.

beers 9671 º places 120 º 13:13 Sun 6/23/2013

I actually think floaties are aesthetically pleasing, so long as theyíre not cornflake-sized

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I never liked drinking beers from the can or the bottle.
But thatís me :)

beers 9982 º places 672 º 14:09 Sun 6/23/2013

I enjoyed it more from the can, strange but true

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Originally posted by DYCSoccer17
I donít give a shit about floaties. I do give a shit about aroma and taste, though.

Many people who drink beer would have a problem seeing all the floaties in Heady Topper. Whether they bother you is irrelevant to the reasoning behind why they say it. I always drink it from a can now but I have poured it before and it is a really ugly beer so it makes sense to ask it be served from the can to avoid complaints from people that dont know any better.