Drink From the Can?

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beers 861 º places 25 º 14:30 Sun 6/23/2013

You buy it, you drink it as you wish. Ask for the glass, and stop caring what anyone else thinks.

beers 1469 º places 57 º 14:42 Sun 6/23/2013

I like beers from cans. Simple is good.

beers 3438 º places 209 º 15:11 Sun 6/23/2013

I love drinking beer from the can. I donít see anything wrong with it though I guess if I wanted to really capture the aroma Iíd pour it into a glass...

beers 590 º places 11 º 15:56 Sun 6/23/2013

I've seen these "floaties" in Port's Hop 15. They look like flakes. What are these?

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beers 999 º places 47 º 16:34 Sun 6/23/2013

butthole pleasures

beers 3718 º places 182 º 16:50 Sun 6/23/2013

I like to pour about 12 cans into a bucket and then drink it with a straw. A neon green swirly straw.

beers 8804 º places 334 º 17:05 Sun 6/23/2013

Drink it however makes you happy. I enjoy my beer from a glass so I can get maximum aroma, and while I donít generally enjoy floaties, I enjoy Heady Topper so much that Iíve actually associated the floaties in it with the beer and donít mind it. I also know itís just how HT looks, not that itís old or a bad batch, which gives me some added peace of mind.

beers 1590 º places 63 º 17:15 Sun 6/23/2013

Heady looks terrible, tastes great. I drink it however I feel like it at the time.

beers 3513 º places 13 º 17:18 Sun 6/23/2013

I have no idea why but it does seem like HT tastes better from the can. Doesnít make much sense.