drink local?

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Drink whatís good, according to you. I have some shitty breweries, but some good ones. I have a few awesome beer stores, and a lot of meh... Seek and destroy, my friend. Itís about being local, but having your local output whatís good so if itís bad, be honest and vocal about it. Negative feedback is positive feedback for an adaptive business.

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Connecticut is weak I just drink Willimantic. The other guys backeast, hooker, sbc, tullycross are all weak and I donít new ticks that bad

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Buffalo area is weak, although Community Beer Works is changing that. I just find stuff from other parts NY, PA, OH, or MI. Canít go wrong with that.

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Originally posted by GT2
Youíre talking abt prism beer I know Watson


Ha actually Im not...i having gotten around to trying much Prism yet. Im not overly excited for it...maybe one of the bars I go to will do a sampling so I can scroll past I mean try it.

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At the ery least, I drink locally. Where ever I am :)

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Support the local breweries that are good. Donít support the local breweries that suck. I fail to see a dilemma here.

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Originally posted by lithy
Almost everyone in the Southeast.

It is one thing to enjoy supporting local and/or small business. I do.

It is quite another to actively give your money to a company that doesnít satisfy your needs as a customer.

Ultimately, you always have to vote with your dollar. If you donít vote for better beer, youíll get stuck with what you have for a long time.

Yep, most GA beers are complete garbage.

If Burnt Hickory ever gets bigger, they will have a chance to be the best in GA.

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I donít care where a beer came from as long as it is good. Why on earth should I care more about my local brewer? All breweries are local to someone. Make good beer and I will drink it. Make crappy beer and I donít care how close to me it was brewed I am not going to waste my time with it.

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I drink beer in Denmark, for half the price. :)

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Easily 90% of what we drink at home is as local as you can get: homebrewed.