drowland and cbfobes invade Ireland - 2014!

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Originally posted by garthicus
Yeah just put them in individual grocery bags or zip lock bags, wrap them in clothes and pop them into your suitcases ! Iíve done it a gazillion times.


You all can expect some delish brews from... well... wherever weíre living in 2014!

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Awesome. I look forward to it! Iíve met a few RBís whoíve visited Ireland over the years (I was pretty much the only Irish RBer for a very long time!)

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Yup, I was on honeymoon and now Iím back! Iím sure we can organise a tasting somewhere when youíre over. Beoir is certainly the best site to get up to date news on brews and pubs down south and I like to think I cover NI news pretty well on my blog beersiveknown.blogspot.com

Obviously bump this nearer the time and we can give you more up to date info!

Probably also worth linking to this in the UK forum as more people may find it there

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I will certainly try to remember to bump this and post a link on the UK forums!

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Remembering all the time that Ireland (Rep) is not in the UK....


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RBESG June í14 - Dublin

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If this thread had been titled "drowland and cbfobes invade France - 2014!" they would have surrendered already. :o

All seriousness, this sounds like some serious advance planning, I probably wouldnít even do much beer stuff, Iíve had lots of family on my wifeís side take Ireland trips and there is so much to do that sounds awesome already.

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Is this one done?

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Originally posted by drowland
GT, itís hard to pinpoint, but a lot of what you say is weirdly direct and condescending. Of course Craig is from Scotland. When the fuck else will we be anywhere near there? And I wasnít planning on ordering Guinness? My bad. Iíll order the other two enormously famous and worldly available dry stouts. Never heard of them in my years in the business. I just hope I can find some Killianís!

Goddamn just let some locals chime in and give us a good time. Weíll bring tons of beer from FL amd WI!

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