drying hops on the vine?

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beers 23 º 08:26 Tue 9/7/2010

Not having a big enough indoor area for drying, Iím thinking of drying my hops(Chinook I believe) right on the vine. They are growing on a gazebo type affair and also on a trellis. Both locations are fairly open, pretty good airflow, part day sun exposure. Iím thinking they will be ready about September 13. The normal temperature where I live that time of year is high of 23(73F) low of 12(54F). The weather forecast is for normal temps with isolated precipitation the next 14 days.

Any thoughts on this approach? Do I need to sever the vine near ground level to go this way?


beers 69 º places 2 º 19:09 Mon 9/13/2010

Iíve not tried drying on the vine but it could work OK. I do pick quite a few pieces of vine and use them as kind of ornamental and they dry really quick. Youíll have to likely clip them near the base like you mentioned - it shouldnít hurt the hops at all.

I would keep a close eye on them and donít let them get too dry or many of the hop oil nodules will simply fall on the ground never to be used for the purpose they were grown for!

I use a window screen and pick them over the course of a week or two. I am constantly amazed at the yellow sheen of hop nodules below the screen when they are dry...

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