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beers 396 º places 16 º 19:55 Thu 3/28/2013

For the first year in many, Iíll be spending Easter in my home with my family, as opposed to being on the road visiting extended family. I plan on maximally enjoying this weekend with family time and good food and drink. I have my beer menu selected: Saison de Lente, 3F Gueze, and Black Ops for dessert, but for the life of me canít come up with a menu. Not many specific foods scream "Easter" to me, except lamb, which I love and my wife despises. I thought of devising a "sacrilege" dish: matzoh ball soup with lobster stock, and was considering some brunch-ish items (will probably do bagels and lox), but other than that my menuís a wash. Help me out.

beers 470 º places 10 º 02:51 Fri 3/29/2013

Well a lot of people make ham on Easter. That would go with your saison and your geuze. Iím not familiar with black ops so I wonít suggest dessert but I like a nice shortbread for dessert. You could go cajun with those beers and do shellfish, potatoes are always easy and you could roast those with lemon and herbs to keep it light for brunch. If you are doing brunch a classic eggs with hollandaise with asparagus would be spring like and go with the beers.

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I just tried my first geuze and I like it with mussels, clams, paella, crab, lobster and a variety of other fish. Cajun, mexican, soutwestern and some southern dishes. I donít like it with lamb or with beef. It would go with a dish like orange beef but thatís not how you are going to cook a beef roast or a leg of lamb for easter. If you add the mint then it goes with the lamb. Would go great with ham roasted with pineapple and cloves and brown sugar. With a mild brunch like the eggs benedict and asparagus I would go with a kolsch a hefe or a light sweet tripel.