EBGA’s Ales on Rails 2014

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A favourite series of events from the past is returning this year. The Edmonton Radial Railway Society operates and maintains a small fleet of antique streetcars from around the world. EBGA charters these streetcars to host beer tastings and seminars. The streetcars board at the north side of the Strathcona Farmers Market Building, then travel to the middle of the High Level bridge, 150ft above the North Saskatchewan river. There, parked in the middle of the bridge, aboard a 1947 street car from Australia is where the EBGA is hosting five beer tastings this year.

28 May 2014, 7pm
Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous is hosting a cask ale evening with Alley Kat Brewing Company. Details and tickets - here.

18 June 2014, 7pm
EBGA hosts Hog's Head Brewing and a special cask ale from the brewery that says 'death to bad taste!' Details and tickets - here.

23 July 2014, 7pm
Yukon Brewing is the guest of the EBGA aboard the streetcar in July with a seasonal, unique beer. Details and tickets - here.

6 August 2014, 7pm
Details TBA (stay tuned to our social media feeds and the #yegbeer calendar for up-to-date info).

17 September 2014, 7pm
Details TBA (stay tuned...)

To try and further entice you lot to join us on multiple journeys aboard the streetcar, patrons that join us for three of the five scheduled charters will be eligible to win a prize pack of EBGA swag and other goodies! EBGA transit passes will be given out on the first three charters, and the winner of the prize pack announced following the last.