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beers 2008 º places 227 º 12:17 Sun 6/24/2012

Hi everybody,

newcomer question: how do you add a beer picture or modify beer informations?

beers 4199 º places 121 º 12:24 Sun 6/24/2012

Send in feedback (bottom of page) on a beer correction or email photos to [email protected]

beers 1 º places 72 º 12:53 Sun 6/24/2012

There is a "send corrections" link on every beer page, below where it lists the beerís style. This may be faster than sending general feedback.

beers 2008 º places 227 º 16:16 Sun 6/24/2012

Thanks, Iíll try that. I was trying the add pic button but it wasnít working.

beers 7970 º places 549 º 16:44 Sun 6/24/2012

The add picture feature is currently undergoing some modifications and is currently down.

21:20 Sun 6/24/2012

Oh! I see. I thought its just added trough attachment.