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beers 6164 º places 345 º 06:17 Fri 6/21/2013


I am off to England for a co-workers wedding on August 17th in Birmingham. The purpose of the trip is to go to the wedding, see a bit of England, do a bit of bicycling and perhaps visit some clients in London. It is NOT a beer-centric trip at all and beer is de-prioritized, but I am sure it will sneak up on me, as it always seem to do.

This is my tentative plan. Please feel free to critique beer and non-beer aspects. I should say based on photos, I am pretty dead set on the Yorkshire Dales and fully aware there is a good chance of rain.

6th Arrive Birmingham at 10pm
7th Birmingham, pub crawl with co-worker (Craven Arms, Wellington, Post Box, Brew Dog).
8th AM train to York (lunch at Malting), evening at the Yorkshire Tap and Pivini.
9th late afternoon train to Skipton (no drinking).
10th Bicycle to Ingelton (Stay at Marston Arms)
11th Bicycle to Grifton (Stay at Bridge Inn)
12th Ride back to York, or Skipton and then take train, drop off bike. Stay the night in Sheffield.
13-16th in London - GBBF 13th and 16th. I might hit pubs on 14th or 15th, but not a priority at all.
17th Birmingham (AM at Kernel to buy some bottles to take home, PM wedding)
18th Birmingham
19th Fly home

If anyone has bicycled around Yorkshire Dale, would it be feasible to go from Grifton to York, ie. it is nice and pleasant ride, or does it make more sense to go back to Skipton?

Also note, that I am choosing York, instead of Manchester or Leeds, as strange as it might sound, those places don’t seems to have centrally located bicycle hires, or if they do, the bicycles are not very good.

I know lots of RBers are going to the GBBF on the 16th, so I hope to see some of you there then.


beers 259 º places 29 º 06:23 Fri 6/21/2013

I reckon you’ll have a great time. Nice and varied itinerary.

The only thing I’d add (and sorry it’s beer related) is to check out the Sheffield Tap. It’s in the station so you’ll probably be going past it anyway.


beers 8298 º places 100 º 06:24 Fri 6/21/2013

There’s a couple of great bottle shops you might want to visit in Birmingham on Pershore Road, Cotteridge Wines and Stirchley Wines & Spirits.

beers 6164 º places 345 º 06:45 Fri 6/21/2013

Yeah, Sheffield Tap is on the to do list, when I am there for one night in Sheffield. Probably just a half or two after I get off the train and then explore pubs further afield.

Thanks for the tip on the bottles shops in Birmingham. I will check those out.

beers 19412 º places 37 º 06:49 Fri 6/21/2013

Will be great to see you again Tim at GBBF. May even buy you a beer.

beers 158 º places 80 º 08:30 Fri 6/21/2013

how long will you have in Sheffield? loads of good pubs to go at!

beers 6164 º places 345 º 09:36 Fri 6/21/2013

Originally posted by evilempire
how long will you have in Sheffield? loads of good pubs to go at!

Probably just a night. As mentioned, this isn’t a beer trip and I won’t go to as many pubs as I should, nor will I drink as much beer as I wish I could, but that is fine, I am sure I will be back to England at some point in the not too too distant future - last time was five years ago.

In Sheffield, it will largely depend on where my accommodation is, which will determine which bars. So many good bars, I have no reason to run around the city trying to tick on the top places.


beers 3760 º places 321 º 09:39 Fri 6/21/2013

I don’t know if you enjoy organized rides but there might be something in your neck of the woods around the 18th. I’ve found UK sportives to be well organized and a fair deal. A good resource is http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/sportives.

beers 158 º places 80 º 10:14 Fri 6/21/2013

Well, if you stay at the Hillsborough hotel, you’ll have a brewpub downstairs and most of the best pubs within a mile...

beers 3974 º places 15 º 10:39 Fri 6/21/2013

17th, kernel is in London, doubt you’ll make it back in time for a wedding? Also, Birmingham to York by train in the day will be a long day with lots of traveling, I reckon.

beers 5303 º places 174 º 10:48 Fri 6/21/2013

House of trembling madness a good bottleshop in York and near pivni. Walk the walls I. York. Skipton has a couple of good pubs. Why not cycle the canal to Leeds?