EurHop! 2017 (Rome-Italy 6-8 Oct 2017). Tentative plan for a "gathering"

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beers 3794 º places 1 º 06:22 Thu 7/27/2017

Hi all,

EurHop! 2017 approaches, although plenty of time is still ahead to make plans and get cheap flights. This time the list of breweries is terrific; furthermore I have recently moved back to my hometown (Rome), after spending a prolonged time abroad (13 years), which allows me to provide support.

As a Ratebeerian who has been travelling a lot, I would take this chance to reciprocate and offer to the all of you my free availability to set a mini (or even massive) gathering during the event. Being back in Rome I could easily assist you, if needed, and try to find locations ready to accomodate you, at a reasonable distance from the event, offering special fares.

Another idea could be contacting the organizers and ask if we, as a consistent group, could get a booked area/bench/table where we can seat and drink (rate) our beers.

Not to mention the possibility of trades and/or tastings during the "after-party" in some places (to be dealt with owners of pubs and at their conditions).

In other words I have just thrown this proposal to you...let me know if it makes sense and come up with proposals/ideas.

Check this out:


beers 4119 º places 448 º 12:39 Thu 7/27/2017

What are the odds! I’ll be getting into Rome that Sunday afternoon. I doubt I would be able to get down to the festival itself that evening, but a trade or small share that evening might be doable. I’ll have the room to bring a few bottles from the states for trading or sharing.

beers 3794 º places 1 º 17:18 Thu 7/27/2017

Absolutely GTAEgeek. We’ll do this ;)