Euro 2012 - what are you drinking?

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Originally posted by harrisoni
Russia look good.

Still drinking homebrew.

Can you eat too much asparagus? I am on my 20th spear.

No, you can’t. Green or white though? The former, ok. The latter...whoah.

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Originally posted by traPISSED
Originally posted by harrisoni
Originally posted by traPISSED
theres a bottle of unblended in the garage. tempted. but not in lambic mood tonight

That was exactly my thought! Except you know me, when am I not in a lambic mood!

You like Girardin? This is unblended from them that a bottled up! Had a spare 40 litres so I stuck it in 75cls!

i love girardin unblended. only thing better is girardin kriekenlambic

Lots of fresh Urquell, Schlenkerla Marzen/Urbock and fresh Punk IPA. . .

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Been to a Gojira/Mastodon/Slayer concert so I missed the first two games. Will probably drink water today.

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Some good German pilsners... :-)

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Mikkeller/Mountain Goat Pepperberry black IPA....not what I expected but a damn fine beer

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Will be the "good old" Amstel or Heineken I guess/fear at my friends place.. But! I heard a new and also the first ever beer bar opened in my hometown, where I’ll be watching the Netherlands game, so I’ll get myself an Orval afterwards. Looking forward to that. I’m a bit nervous for the game though, those Danes...

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Would be interesting to make an Euro 2012 beer competition.

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I will be commiserating with the Scots who didnt qualify AGAIN with some Tryst beers a friend brought down from Falkirk and helps out at the brewery. I spent 10 mins in front of the lager in Tesco thinking Pilsner Urquell Tyskie Kaiserdom Grolsch but ended up with 4 bottles of BrewDog Hardcore for £6

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Cheers to the Danish crew, may the best win! Best regards ... from Holland.