Euro 2012 - what are you drinking?

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beers 19003 º places 37 º 11:24 Sun 7/1/2012

Still hangover from last night so no beers for me tonight. hope Spain win for no other reason than to annoy my Italian friend vanessa. won't be on chat today as i feel rubbish

beers 19003 º places 37 º 12:33 Sun 7/1/2012

Spain are really good. like they need me to tell them

beers 26487 º places 199 º 12:36 Sun 7/1/2012

Yup, seems like Italy has their defense on vacation at the moment... Now time for an Imperial Stout

beers 3891 º places 157 º 12:50 Sun 7/1/2012

We are watching the best Spain of Euro2012, let's enjoy!!.
First part De Molen Molenbier

beers 7062 º places 28 º 13:34 Sun 7/1/2012

this final reminds me of the old joke about Italian tanks having 6 gears, 4 of them in reverse. Pathetic defending all match.

beers 2178 º places 25 º 13:41 Sun 7/1/2012

Absolute domination. Hats off to Spain.

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beers 2440 º places 12 º 13:50 Sun 7/1/2012

Congrats Spain.
Congrats also italian gladiators. We played a great Euro Championship. Tonight we coudn't do better.

places 1 º 13:58 Sun 7/1/2012

Southampton black raspberry lambic and others. Hurt watching Italy lose like this, but at least it was in good company w/ good beers .

beers 20993 º places 697 º 14:15 Sun 7/1/2012

Congratulations to Spain!

The Italian team did more than expected in the championship; but the trophy went to the team that more deserved it