Euro 2012 - what are you drinking?

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beers 3172 º places 291 º 06:50 Mon 7/2/2012

Originally posted by HogTownHarry
THAN. Thank good kickball is done for another 2 years. Bleah.
But if (and I do say "if") Canada qualifies for the World Cup? That’s the only reason I would watch it!

beers 4106 º places 167 º 07:55 Mon 7/2/2012

Congratulations to Italian team for its sportmanship.

Now we have to be realistic, and we have to think that this Spanish team is not forever. We have the only one team that have won Euro2008+WorldCup2010+Euro2012, and I’m sure that Spain will try to win the WorldCup2014 in Brazil...

beers 6088 º places 313 º 08:18 Mon 7/2/2012

Keep in mind that all it took was one ref acting blind when it mattered to save you from getting kicked out in the group stage.

Spain isn’t unbeatable. But it’s damn close to that, and it’s fair that you won. Germany was excellent before they got too cocky, combined with Balotelli not failing for once. Italy and Portugal were close, but maybe just maybe too reliant on individuals, with flawed lines, perhaps Croatia too. The rest... slightly below. Add a couple of South American teams, maybe one or two European ones and you have the top 10 in the world.

There were several almost unwatchable games, but it was ok overall.

beers 10652 º places 590 º 09:37 Mon 7/2/2012

Finally got to watch a whole game, the final. Shared a 2009 Panil Bariquee Sour (Batch #11), Mikkeller Nelson Sauvignon, and La Bavaisienne Ambree. Didn’t have any Spanish beer around.

beers 8485 º places 190 º 09:42 Mon 7/2/2012

Originally posted by tdtm82
Torres will now improve with confidence and be a completely different player for 2013-2014 season.