European Local Swap 3/2017 - Pairings & Hauls

Reads 24909 • Replies 154 • Started Monday, September 25, 2017 3:23:10 AM CT

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beers 1955 º places 15 º 05:08 Sat 10/21/2017

Great hauls people! This Euro Local Swap is nearing an end, for most people anyway... wrapping this up may take some time.

There are still four hauls to be posted. These hauls have been received between 5 and 16 days ago, please take a few minutes to take a picture and post it here!

Two parcels are still on the road, one's probably at Israeli customs and will surface when they feel like it, the other seems to be in warehouse limbo. To be continued...

One parcel is still not in the road. Or perhaps it is, and no one knows. I know this will turn out alright, I just hope it'll be sometime soon. Come one people, please communicate!

Originally posted by herrklemann
Aw, you guys! I'm really glad I started trading on here, it's so fun to select stuff, hunt for requests and then anticipate their arrival at the recipients doorstep.
And to have the option of getting beers I'd never be able to get while meeting new people is just nice.
I love the local swaps for exactly these reasons. And even though there is some minor nagging above, I think you are a great bunch of generous people!

beers 15947 º places 83 º 13:04 Sat 10/21/2017

Yeah, stil waiting for MrHangover, hope he has received my box! I have got no response. Should have arrived two weeks ago...

beers 15366 º places 416 º 13:08 Sat 10/21/2017

I have confirmation by my recipient everything arrived safe, so at least that. Apparently he didn't have time yet to post here...

beers 20002 º places 429 º 05:19 Sun 10/22/2017

The picture of my haul from Hajsman. My wife took the glass for her fresh juice,

beers 5615 º places 100 º 12:13 Mon 10/23/2017

I received my box at the weekend with 12 cool bottles from MrHangover. Will post more information when I have the time to.

beers 5380 º places 180 º 14:07 Mon 10/23/2017

Love looking at all of these and kinda sad I had to miss this but far to much to drink through and a massive backlog of rates. Enjoy the beers everyone and look forward to Santa popping up next month

beers 377 º places 13 º 03:56 Thu 10/26/2017

Selection I received from SinH4 minus one bottle which I already drank before taking photo. My preferences were taken under consideration so I'm very happy to discover some German craft.

Thanks man!

beers 15436 º places 328 º 01:14 Mon 11/6/2017

Any updates?

beers 10309 º places 319 º 02:30 Mon 11/6/2017

The box I've send to kto went missing because Hermes doesn't deliver packages to DHL pick up points (weird story). I will know somewhere this week what will happen next (it will probably be returned to me and I'll send it again with a different courier), I'm getting a box to kto no matter what though.

beers 6408 º places 147 º 02:35 Mon 11/6/2017

The box has finally arrived at my local post office. I will pick it up tomorrow.

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