European Local Swap 3/2017 - Pairings & Hauls

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beers 2936 º places 228 º 10:24 Sat 9/30/2017

Originally posted by MonsterMagnet
Originally posted by ShivanDragon
Originally posted by MonsterMagnet
I have also not received a reply from mkam yet ! let's wait and see...
I seem to be unable to send messages right now (getting server errors). Can you please let me know if you have contact with mkam?

Untill when do we have to wait for a reply? otherwise i'm willing to send a package to dunklermessias in stead of mkam !

I'd say wait until Monday. Shivan sending to dunklermessias would indeed be the backup plan if mkam remains silent. You shouldn't worry about not making the sending deadline because of this.

I just received a beermail from mkam

beers 3114 º places 33 º 13:29 Sat 9/30/2017

1 more bottle to get. Will be shipping the end of next week.

beers 20020 º places 321 º 15:14 Sat 9/30/2017

Box is out!

beers 1955 º places 15 º 04:24 Sun 10/1/2017

So everyone's in touch with sender/recipient?

beers 4691 º places 75 º 15:19 Sun 10/1/2017

yup!!! Just got in contact with both!! Let's get this thing on the road!!!

beers 14359 º places 109 º 19:15 Sun 10/1/2017

I will ship tomorrow - everything is packed :)

beers 6887 º places 213 º 02:49 Mon 10/2/2017

I shipped the box to Jashiu.

beers 15945 º places 83 º 05:51 Mon 10/2/2017

I will ship tomorrow

beers 1404 º places 21 º 00:59 Tue 10/3/2017

Shipped the box to japppp yesterday. Already is outside of Poland from the looks on the tracking code.

beers 28835 º places 22 º 12:55 Tue 10/3/2017

Package is shipped. Brought it over the NL border, faster and cheaper :-D

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