European Local Swap 3/2017 - Pairings & Hauls

Reads 11490 • Replies 154 • Started Monday, September 25, 2017 3:23:10 AM CT

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beers 11579 º places 79 º 23:36 Wed 10/4/2017

I can see that an attempt to deliver my box to MrHangover was attempted yesterday.

beers 1928 º places 15 º 01:41 Thu 10/5/2017

Originally posted by Beersiveknown
Some of these must be imminently arriving, looking forward to haul pics!
At least two parcels have been delivered and from what I compiled from forum posts and beer mails some 12 more are on the road. Only have tracking info of half of those, so I'm unable to produce more detailed statistics.

beers 9475 º places 280 º 02:50 Thu 10/5/2017

Didn't BM to MonsterMagnet, but my parcel is on the road and parcel to me is also on the road.

beers 2990 º places 200 º 09:20 Thu 10/5/2017

Beer in, Box out!

beers 10818 º places 286 º 09:52 Thu 10/5/2017

Box to MonsterMagnet is on the road.

beers 3114 º places 33 º 13:47 Thu 10/5/2017

Packaging, at the moment.

beers 6541 º places 120 º 13:50 Thu 10/5/2017

Received a mixed style box from Koelschtrinker, many thanks !

package to mkam will be on it's way tomorrow.

beers 3019 º places 339 º 15:28 Thu 10/5/2017

Parcel paid for. Just need to drop it off at the depot tomorrow.

beers 20025 º places 321 º 15:51 Thu 10/5/2017

Originally posted by martjoobolut
Didn't BM to MonsterMagnet, but my parcel is on the road and parcel to me is also on the road.

Crap. Forgot to send the info as well. Thomas has the info though!

beers 4032 º places 56 º 04:31 Fri 10/6/2017

My box to Beerhunter111 is now in the mail and tracking info has been sent to him and MonsterMagnet.

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