European Local Swap 3/2017 - Pairings & Hauls

Reads 24896 • Replies 154 • Started Monday, September 25, 2017 3:23:10 AM CT

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beers 1955 º places 15 º 13:00 Sat 10/7/2017

Those are some great hauls, people!

beers 6407 º places 147 º 04:49 Sun 10/8/2017

The box to Benzai is on its way!

beers 3114 º places 33 º 07:45 Sun 10/8/2017

Shipped my box, yesterday.

beers 1955 º places 15 º 09:16 Sun 10/8/2017

Some statistics:
6 boxes have been delivered, of which 4 are posted already.
1 box is ready to be delivered
15 boxes are on the road
2 boxes will ship Monday (including my own), 3 boxes are somewhat delayed
There's no info yet on the remaining 6 boxes.

beers 14762 º places 365 º 11:14 Mon 10/9/2017

Received box, and posted box today. Feedback when box 📦 is opened!

Cheers / Thomas

beers 14762 º places 365 º 14:17 Mon 10/9/2017
beers 15366 º places 416 º 08:04 Tue 10/10/2017
beers 377 º places 13 º 08:21 Tue 10/10/2017

For MonsterMagnet information ;) I've sent my package with a little delay and I'm still waiting for beers from SinH4. Hauls look good so far!

beers 1279 º places 56 º 13:02 Tue 10/10/2017

Came home to a big box from Edo/bierkoning waiting on my doorstep.

Jopen De Verloren Zoon #3 (Isle of Arran BA) - Barley Wine
Uiltje Analogue Recordings - Carsbridge BA Imperial Red Ale (on here: American Strong Ale)
Chapeau Cuvée - Oude Gueuze
De Pimpelmeesch Socius Oak - Imperial Stout
Eanske Spontaan Pale - Lambic unblended (New style tick)
Isendorfer Brauartium Stout
Kraanwater 7.2 - Black IPA
Pochpoater Oabram Old World Ale - Traditional Ale (New style tick)
De Molen Geuren & Kleuren - IPA
De Molen Horen, Zien & Zwijgen - Imperial Porter
De Molen Triple Gold BA - Golden/Blonde Ale

Plus a De Molen tray. Much obliged for catering to my missing styles as well as stuff that isn't available anywhere near me. Thank you! :)

beers 1955 º places 15 º 13:50 Tue 10/10/2017

Today I found a Slovakian parcel on my doorstep (well, table actually) with a very nice selection of beers and mead (yay!) as well as a jar of Stupavar Beermalade!

From left to right:
Unorthodox Vortex
Žil Verne Velky Hrdina
General Magnetik 13°
Čierny Kameň Ďateľ Z Marsu
Liptovär Dublinský Mikuláš 13°
Čierny Kameň Šialeny Dub 15° (not on ratebeer yet?)
Cera Mel Vidiecka medovina z kvetového medu
Cera Mel Vidiecka medovina z agátového medu
General Letník Summer Ale 11°
Unorthodox Lussinatta

Many thanks Cuso for this great box!

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