European Wide IPA competition

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beers 181 º places 34 º 07:41 Tue 9/15/2015

Check it out:

Open competition for a "Target" hop, IPA. Lots of big prizes.

spread the word!

beers 30304 º places 3522 º 08:12 Tue 9/15/2015

Calling Kernel and Fritz Ale!

beers 6219 º places 450 º 08:43 Tue 9/15/2015

Calling ’t IJ and Het Uiltje, maybe Mont Saleve, Vento Forte and De la Senne can pull something off as well!

beers 11718 º places 302 º 16:26 Tue 9/15/2015

sent this link to some Slovak craft brewers, will see, what happens :)