Exploding keg critically injures Redhook Brewery worker

Reads 2332 • Replies 14 • Started Tuesday, April 24, 2012 8:11:10 AM CT

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beers 2675 º places 111 º 18:21 Tue 4/24/2012

Very sad and scary situation. I wish Redhook and the victim’s family the best in coping with this tragic event.

beers 15963 º places 608 º 18:24 Tue 4/24/2012

Best wishes to all. Had not thought brewing was dangerous in that manner.

beers 9257 º places 338 º 18:27 Tue 4/24/2012

Awful. Thoughts and prayers for everyone involved.

beers 1511 º places 103 º 08:36 Wed 4/25/2012