Fake Blabaer ’09s Filled w/ Stout/Porter

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places 1 º 10:44 Thu 9/13/2012

Hey guys,
Just wanted to give you a heads up that there are fake 09 bottles around that are filled w/ some sort of nasty porter or stout. About 2 years ago I acquired two bottles of 09 and recently traded one away, and it leaked in transit, and the recipient told me it smelled of a stout. I was very skeptical and at first didn’t believe him.
At the same time I was also supposed to send a 07 bottle to another trader and I mistakingly sent my other 09, and this one didn’t leak, and the recipient promptly returned it to me so I can resend him the correct 2007 bottle.
When the second 09 came back to me, I decided to take a close look at the contents, and I could see the beer was pitch black, couldn’t even see through it against light. This confirmed the other recipient’s claims that it was a fake and had porter/stout in it.
I went ahead and shipped the 07 to the 2nd trader and this fake 09 is now in my cellar. I’m very disappointed, as I have two 09s, both fakes (well one leaked in transit and is trash now anyways, and I’m sure this second one I have now will be a drainpour).
Anyways, if you come across 09 Blabaer, be sure to look at it carefully and be sure it has that reddish color to it, and not pitch black. I think the corks are fake, too, made of rubber and missing Cantillon writing on them.

Whoever did this fake 09 bottle shit, hope karma gets your fuckin’ ass as many times as you have made fake bottles of.

beers 93 º places 1529 º 10:56 Thu 9/13/2012

If it says Cantillon it will probably still get high ratings. Maybe open that leaky one and taste it. See whats actually in there.

beers 1511 º places 103 º 11:00 Thu 9/13/2012

If you can tell the other 09 is fake why still cellar it? why not pop it open and confirm/document it?

11:02 Thu 9/13/2012

Originally posted by RABinVA
If you can tell the other 09 is fake why still cellar it? why not pop it open and confirm/document it?

That was my first thought. Open to confirm before spreading this kind of information around. Lots of types of beer end up smelling the same after they’ve leaked out.

places 12 º 11:05 Thu 9/13/2012

Where did you get your 09s ?

beers 999 º places 47 º 11:10 Thu 9/13/2012

Open those pieces of shit

beers 42 º 11:17 Thu 9/13/2012

yea, open the other bottle to confirm. no point in cellaring it if its a porter.

beers 10895 º places 593 º 11:41 Thu 9/13/2012

There were 2 batches in 2009, right? Which batch # is on the cork? I just opened one from the first batch that year and it was fine. Sorry to hear about this, though.

beers 2634 º places 84 º 12:14 Thu 9/13/2012

Please email me pictures at [email protected]

beers 10017 º places 672 º 12:21 Thu 9/13/2012

I will say that when a beer leaks in transit, the resulting smell will not be pleasant and has no resemblance to what was originally bottled.

I had three fresh Zombie Dusts explode recently and the box smelled like apple cider vinegar.

places 1 º 13:05 Thu 9/13/2012

One leaked, the other beer from the other trade is fine and looks pitch black in the bottle. Never said I’m gonna cellar it. It’s going to be opened and either drank for whats in there or drain poured .
It’s batch 2 of 2009.
To clarify, I never said 2009 Blabaers are fake, I’m just saying some mofo sold/traded fake bottles that he filled w/ other beer.

Jeppe I will email you pics soon