Farm Aid in Hershey, PA Sept 22

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beers 183 º places 1 º 17:16 Tue 9/11/2012

We are heading there next weekend. I see Troegs and am excited about that. What are some good bottle shops? What else is not to be missed in Hershey/Harrisburg?

Cheers, Keir

beers 2883 º places 348 º 17:31 Tue 9/11/2012

Stoudts is less than an hour. Great tour.

beers 183 º places 1 º 14:41 Thu 9/13/2012

Coming in from Saint Louis, so that probably wonít be doable. Thanks for the suggestion though.

We are looking at Helltown in Mt. Pleasant. Anybody know anything beyond the few ratings?

beers 5807 º places 409 º 16:35 Thu 9/13/2012

Alís of Hampden is a really nice stop! Right on the edge of 81, they have a long tap list and their own beers were really good when I was there. I believe Travlr told me bullfrogís old brewer is now brewing there.

17:59 Thu 9/13/2012

Iíll second Alís. There is the Brass Rail in Campbelltown as well but Alís has better selection and prices IMO.