Favorite hop for lower bitterness IPA’s?

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beers 3472 º places 41 º 10:59 Fri 10/14/2016

Dont use a bittering hop addition at all or a very small amount of columbus maybe 0.5 oz. The late addition hops will get to your low moderate bitterness.

I like to go with citra(tropical), galaxy(citrus), chinook(pine) as late addition hops and accent those with mosaic and or nelson. To me mosaic and nelson are best used as complementary and not a standalone dry hop or late addition hop as mosaic comes across like strong green onion and Nelson comes across a bit like cat pee in large quantities of late hops. Thats just my own preference but thats the fun in brewing yourself... which I really need to get back into doing more often.

13:29 Fri 10/14/2016

Originally posted by Reynolds314
Nelson comes across a bit like cat pee in large quantities of late hops.

If you ever wondered why that is, it’s because Nelson has VERY large quantities of a volatile thiol called 4MMP.

However, not all volatile thiols smell like cat pee. Some of these sulfur-based compounds can smell like passionfruit, guava, and grapefruit. Hopefully, volatile thiol expression via various boutique yeasts, including pichia sp., will soon be a big thing in the brewing industry. It’s getting quite popular in the wine industry. Especially in the production of tropical fruit forward wines like Sauvignon Blanc.

beers 1064 º places 37 º 14:43 Sat 10/15/2016

Magnum for low bitterness!

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