Fermenting sodas

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beers 10779 º places 386 º 03:39 Sat 11/21/2015

Sure, they’re all chemical sweeteners, and the result shall probably by very far from good... But still, this left me curious.
What would happen if you ferment Coca Cola? Wíll it ferment, even? And if so, what will be left? Assuming all sugers would be fermentable, the result would be -in my mind- boozy, and herbal. If non fermentable, the thing just won’t change, so thats not an exciting hypothesis.

Moving on to other sodas. What would fermented redbull be like?
Or other yeast ? Brett-infused soda’s ?

I realize I can just try it -today if i’d like- but I was just interested on wether anyone has ever done something like this, and what your expectations would be.

Note -this is not about it being good or terrible, since we can assume the result will be very bad. I’m just interested in what the result would turn out to be .

Ps hope this is the right forum section, since it’s not really brewing, but I assumed, since it comes to fermentation, homebrew is the best forum to ask this.

beers 6587 º places 259 º 04:27 Sat 11/21/2015

Not an answer, but last summer I had some Kefir based soda from Brasserie La Franche. Fresh from the (plastic) barrel and it was damn tasty!

beers 2068 º places 38 º 07:10 Sat 11/21/2015
11:20 Sat 11/21/2015

I’ve done similar tests and once you manage to ferment out a soda you lose all body and the end result is not that pleasant.

As already pointed out in the links etc, there are things in the beverage that may prevent the yeast from fermenting.

E150C is one example, with sulphuric compounds and the likes not being an ideal environment for yeast activity.

pH levels can be down to 2 in for instance coca cola, not all organisms dig being active in such a sour environment.

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