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Is there a way of searching for, for example, Lambic-fruit in West Midlands. Which shops stock them?


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I havent been able to find this feature but if it exists Id like to know as well

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From your Inbox page click on Travel Lists, then set it up for the style of choice, and make sure you are lookig for beers distributed your local area, rather than ones made there. Note which beers are listed there.

Then go to the various beers listing page, and click on Find This Beer, and it will show where (which store or bar) that beer was found in your area.

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To use your example, here are the Fruit Lambics currently listed in England:

and here is the Find This Beer for the first beer on that list:

So it appears for that beer that it is distributed in Greater London, and West Yorkshire.

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Top man. Thank you. Bit arse about face, and not quite as useful as the site could make it - but this is progress. Ta.