first brew attempt. the results

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places 4 º 10:25 Mon 12/31/2012

i just used the barrel for cooling down the beer after the 2 weeks of fermentation before adding them to the bottles. and i just added the extra sugar in there rather than straight to the bottles cause i was afraid

beers 361 º places 9 º 12:52 Sat 1/12/2013

My first batch was a big/expensive barleywine...Smelled amazing...Looked great...did not carbonate at all in the bottles. Woops.

beers 217 º 13:08 Sat 1/12/2013

High abv beers that are aged for several months like a barleywine can benefit from adding some fresh yeast at bottling. Some people do this by default. I have been lucky using only sugar to carbonate the boozy beers, but I don’t age them for very long before bottling and let them age in the bottle.

beers 2996 º places 156 º 06:49 Sun 1/13/2013

Originally posted by SpringsLicker
Originally posted by giorgos
i did not add sugar to the bottles. only to the pressure barrel

Pressure Barrel? What kind of system are you brewing with may I ask?

I had never heard of this before either, after some internet looking, it seems to be more of a European/British piece of homebrew hardware.

It sounds like he just racked into it and then used it as a bottling bucket, but by the looks of things, you can also use it as a ’keg’ and carb the beer and serve directly from the barrel.

beers 123 º 02:31 Wed 1/16/2013

WOw interesting system

beers 6 º places 2 º 06:58 Sat 1/19/2013

Bizarre to me is how Europeans seem to make wine in glass at home (sensibly), but then do beer in plastic (gak).

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