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beers 8 º 03:20 Mon 1/21/2013

I am about to begin putting together my first kegging system and must decide between pin lock and ball lock kegs. Currently online I could get 4 pin locks for $120 versus $180 for the same amount of ball locks. Is there a reason not to go with pin locks?

Also, is it a big advantage to get the dual gauge regulators, or is it not worth the extra money?


places 1 º 08:35 Mon 1/21/2013

Ball locks are more common, usually cheaper, parts easier to find. And no chance of breaking a pin off when trying to screw off a stuck tank plug - although you can get the disconnects stuck if you put them on the wrong ball lock which can't happen on a pin lock keg. Another advantage for ball locks is that your disconnects will be compatible with carbonator caps.

Dual guage allows you to see when the tank is starting to go empty.

beers 3920 º places 1 º 09:01 Mon 1/21/2013

If you're looking to save dough look at Craigslist.

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