First look at one of the BSF beerlists

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beers 18800 º places 37 º 04:33 Mon 8/6/2012

Itís terrible isnít it Leighton? I had a look this morning and gave up after 5 minutes.

No Thornbridge beers at all as far as I can see though. Fail.

Scoopgen on Yahoo normally has a full listing. Donít know where they get it from, but there is normally a link or a full list there.

beers 18800 º places 37 º 13:18 Mon 8/6/2012

Right I reckon Iím going to get there around 14.30 so see you guys somewhere I guess. Did my lists at lunchtime today and there are enough US casks and bottles to keep me going for a good while. Even some German bottles Iíve not had before as well.

But you know what everyone should have? My beer of the summer, Ramsgate She Shells Seashells. A real stunner of a beer.

beers 13678 º places 254 º 13:48 Mon 8/6/2012

Cantillon, De Molen, Oscar Blues, Andechs, Schlenkerla.

Drinking for fun would be a select few this year, I think.