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beers 64 º places 27 º 10:17 Sat 9/1/2012

Got one to the first session. They are sold out.

beers 6543 º places 6 º 10:18 Sat 9/1/2012

I got my ticket for the afternoon session.

beers 1972 º places 148 º 10:19 Sat 9/1/2012

Hope all you ratebeerians were able to get your tickets, first session sold out in 10 min.

beers 1 º places 10 º 10:21 Sat 9/1/2012

Did anyone notice the 1 ticket per order limit online? The drop down for # of tickets only had 0 and 1 as possibilities. Bug on the Brown Paper Tickets site? I needed three so I placed 3 individual orders.

beers 2010 º places 1 º 10:30 Sat 9/1/2012

First time in ten years I’m shut out of FoBAB...I’m kind of pissed off about the hoops we have to jump through for event tickets. now. Even last year I bought tickets to the afternoon session weeks after they went on sale. I was supposed to get one for Dale too...he’s in the Czech Republic touring the Pilsner Urquelle Brewery right now!

beers 1 º places 10 º 10:31 Sat 9/1/2012

Ugh. In my 3 separate orders I ended up unknowingly getting 2 tickets for the 1pm session before it sold out and my 3rd ticket ended up being for the 6pm. What the fuck? Was there any advance notice about the one ticket per order? Or was that a bug on BPT?

beers 14 º places 1 º 10:47 Sat 9/1/2012

So I quadruple checked this and one my tickets ended up being for the 6pm session. I wish I had a screen shot of the checkout page because plain as day it said 1 PM on all 4. WTF!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !

beers 755 º places 27 º 10:57 Sat 9/1/2012

Ok...I have no clue what is going on - couldn’t believe how fast tickets got sold out, but when I refreshed about 5 minutes ago, I was able to buy 2 tickets to the first session - again, no clue what’s up, but those who got ’shut out’ may want to check again...

11:41 Sat 9/1/2012

It’s still not sold out, fyi. I’m looking forward to my 7th year!

beers 3324 º places 252 º 11:48 Sat 9/1/2012

got tickets for 1pm session