Forget wine, food pairing is all about beer in the Natti

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14:05 Mon 9/19/2016

Pairing Beer With Food In One Of America’s Most Historically Beer-And-Food-Rich Cities

Article talks about the revival of two very old traditions in Cincinnati that have been revived and are reviving the city. Also, seems it’s the best place in America to get a real Belgian waffle paired with Belgian beer.

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I hate wine .

beers 13064 º places 219 º 14:16 Mon 9/19/2016

Thanks, brew stud.

beers 13064 º places 219 º 14:16 Mon 9/19/2016

Gary is my #1 brew stud.

beers 11265 º places 357 º 16:46 Mon 9/19/2016

It’s a great city with a beer scene that’s really blossoming right now. Gonna need to host a RBSG in the next few years.