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Beer trading and bartering (no selling!).

Euro Local Swap 3/2017
FT: Bokkereyder Chardonnay lambic ISO: lambics, tg stouts,...
ISO Superstition Kimono Dragon and Chocolate Strawberry Sunrise. FT: Euro Stouts
FT: Schramms HoD 2017 ISO: Zenne b2
International: FT: American BA Stouts ISO: Lambic
FT: US stouts, etc. ISO: 3F, Cantillon
ISO: Flora Cuvee FT: List
FT: Grimm After Image / ISO: Inside
New glarus. Wisconsin Belgian Red
IP Boston 29-30 Sept FT: Cloudwater / The Veil Cat + Taco ISO: ???
ISO: Zenne (b1 or b2), 3F Winter FT: List
ISO: CCB Cucumber Saison FT: San Diego locals
ISO: Angry Chair Dave's Barleywine FT: Schramm's Madeline 2nd Birthday +
ISO: RAR cans. FT:Lambic, Euro Stouts
FT: De Molen Black Damnation 666 (IP @ BOREFTS)
ISO Bokkereyder FT List
FT: West Ashley ISO: Morning Delight
ISO: Lambic FT: Hill Farmstead (IP Brussels/ Amsterdam possible)
FT Jester King Fen tao, Aurelian lure, and la vie ISO fou, LPF, lpg, st Lam
ISO: Bokkereyder en Cantillon Reine, FT: Zenne Y Frontera b1 and b2, A&G mag, OGV12 &14
Asheville Trading
IP Brussels, Ammy - FT: Bourbon Vanilla Dark Lord 2015 & '17, more ISO: LP fruited
FT: Magnum Cantillon and Magnum A&G ISO: SP Blended 2017 Mag and SP Fuzzy 2017 Mag
IP trade NYC 3rd-8th of November.
Ft: zenne, tete Iso: crianza, older lambic, bokkereyder

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