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Beer Trade

Beer trading and bartering (no selling!).

ISO: 2016 Superstition Berry White Set FT: JK Spon Set
European Local Swap 3/2017 - Pairings & Hauls
ISO Fantomes: Tequila, Tonka, and Sante 21
IP Brussels. FT: Vintage/Rare Lambic, ISO: Rare...
ISO: suarez, f&m, and jk FT: HF and Lambic
FT: TG IPA's ISO: Monkish IPA
IP Brussels Oct 21-25th ISO: AG Magnum or Cantillon Magnum
FT La Trappe Quadrupel Oak Aged batch 27 ISO BCBS 2015
Ft Cantillon/3 fonteinen Iso Imperial stout (list)
ISO: Kane 2190/2192, Cycle, JWB FT: 3F Hommage, A&G, Cantillon, etc.
IP London: ISO 2017 Fou Foune, FT Hill Farmstead etc.
IP in Berlin Nov 18-20th / ISO: US beers, FT: lambics/European beers
IP Brussels - Nov 10-11: ISO Zenne FT: List + monkish cans
ISO someone in Kentucky or Illinois
FT: Lambic/omnipollo/SP++ ISO: lambic
INTN’L—FT: Euro Stouts, Lambic ISO: US Stouts
FT: Morning Delight, Tete Cuvee 2015, list ISO: Zenne b1, b2
IP trade in New York.
ISO: Short's beers & Starcut Ciders. FT: Pizza Boy, Troegs, more
FT: Large list of large format bottles ISO: Hops, ticks for my friends, the usual
IP Brussels 19-22 October
FT: Lambic, Euro Stouts
FT: Loon, 3F, Tilquin, Omnipollo ISO: Cycle 4th Anniversary set + Henne + Bottle Logic
IP Brussels 20-21st October. ISO: Zenne b2. FT: list.
FT: vintage BE / NL beers

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