Founders Curmudgeon Old Ale

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beers 3061 º places 16 º 05:45 Mon 5/18/2009

I have drank a few bottle of Curmudgeon this weekend and I really have to ask... Is this stuff barrel aged or not? The description only mentions the 2006 vintage being barrel aged, but this stuff really tastes like it is. I have to say the wood notes are a little softer than most barrel aged brews, but very clear at the same time.

beers 576 º places 52 º 08:55 Mon 5/18/2009

As far as I know, it is not barrel aged.

beers 576 º places 52 º 09:04 Mon 5/18/2009

It’s released 4 times per year and its definitely not listed in any descriptions I have seen as barrel aged.

beers 6415 º places 109 º 11:08 Mon 5/18/2009

Sure tastes and smells like it from the bottle I had yesterday.

beers 479 º places 13 º 11:18 Mon 5/18/2009

Going back and reading my review of this one, I mentioned bourbon and oak, so I thought so too!

beers 576 º places 52 º 11:39 Mon 5/18/2009

It wouldn’t be surprising if they brew it with ingredients that bring those notes out, but I personally have never seen anything about this being aged in barrels.

beers 1452 º places 35 º 11:43 Mon 5/18/2009

There was a post about this several months ago where most people agreed that the bourbon, oak and vanilla was there. I don’t think there was any resolution about the barrel aging though.

beers 3061 º places 16 º 01:55 Thu 5/21/2009

I sent an e-mail to Founders and got a reply...

Thanks for having an interest in our beers. Curmudgeon Old Ale is indeed aged with oak chips. We are pleased with the complement that the wood offers the malt base and feel it adds depth to the beer. As the saying goes “wood is good”. I hope you like it and perhaps get a chance to try some of our other beers too.
Alec Mull
Director of Operations
Founders Brewing Company

So, there it is.