Fox Deluxe- new beer line in Illinois- anybody know more about it?

Reads 3380 • Replies 4 • Started Tuesday, March 11, 2008 3:14:06 PM CT

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beers 2 º 15:14 Tue 3/11/2008


we just got a memo that there’s a new brewer in oswego, IL named fox deluxe. i’m assuming it’s a contract brewer.

their price sheet shows among other things, an IPA, a wit, a doppelbock, and an abbey blonde- all in six packs.

being an old-timer, i remember fox deluxe. the brand used to be a beer brewed in chicago until the 50’s or 60’s; it was then brewed out of waukesha, WI, until the 70’s, then went to the old cold spring brewery in MN. i haven’t seen fox deluxe anywhere in 15 years or so. it was a $3.99 a case, cheepo yello fizz water brew back then.

anyway, a heads-up. anybody know more?

oh and BTW, apparently fox deluxe is also a distributor- the price sheet shows products from hoppin frog of akron, OH, leelanau brewing of lake leelanau, MI, some belgians and germans as well.



beers 6182 º 15:59 Tue 3/11/2008

The historical Fox DeLuxe beer label has been revived for the Chicago market and is being contract brewed by the Sand Creek in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. So far the ABA Archives lists Fox DeLuxe Discomobulator Dopplebock as the first of several Fox DeLuxe private label brands. More info to come...

beers 2 º 17:06 Tue 3/11/2008

thanks! appreciate the info.

beers 654 º places 22 º 17:47 Tue 3/11/2008

Doubt they’re related, but we used to get really cheap frozen pizza in Tennessee called Fox Deluxe. They tasted like ass on cardboard. I loved them. (not really.....)

beers 114 º 18:54 Tue 3/11/2008

fox deluxe is a beer, but it is also a new small dist. some of their portfolio includes hoppin frog from akron. leelanau from michigan. brouwerij de block, brouwerij de troch(lambics), sterkins, st. sebastian. aktien-brauerei from germany and a few others you probably never heard of. the man to get a hold of is terry richards(owner)at [email protected]