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I am heading to Frankfurt from Cologne on Friday after work. Anywhere I should stop at? I will be going to Maruhn, but is there anywhere else? I have a car, so I can go basically anywhere.

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On you way out of town, stop at Braustelle and look for the Freigeist beers.

Bierkrug has done a good job of putting most of the known brewpubs onto the RB Places map. But he does that from his internet perches in Iraq, Pakistan, South Sudan, etc, so many of them are unconfirmed. If you come across a brewpub with no rates, thatís likely one of his entries. If you stop at one, try to check nicely if theyíre actually brewing, so we can improve the Places entries.

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I actually was there last night. Nice little place. I had the Abraxxxis from them. Very interesting.

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The only interesting beer stops I found in Frankfurt were a few of the cider houses in Sachsenhausen. There arenít a lot but worth a meal and few ciders at lunch/dinner.

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Anyone else have any suggestions?

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Do you have a car?

beers 12 º places 3 º 06:34 Thu 8/23/2012

Yes I do.