Free Beer: Cellar Cuvee Edition

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beers 120 º places 3 º 17:18 Wed 3/7/2012

So it’s my turn to run a free beer contest and I want to give others an opportunity to contribute to it. Up for grabs is a box containing:

Jackie O’s Cellar Cuvee 2
Jackie O’s Cellar Cuvee 3
Jackie O’s Cellar Cuvee 4
Jackie O’s Cellar Cuvee 5
Jackie O’s Cellar Cuvee 6

How it is going to work is I am going to pick a Ratebeerian and the first person to reply to this post is going to post why that person deserves to be the recipient of the box. The next person will post why the previous person deserves to win the box. This keeps continuing until the contest is over.

I select Person A.
Person B posts why Person A deserves the box.
Person C posts why Person B deserves the box.
Person D posts why Person C deserves the box.
So-on and so-on

The person to come up with the best reason, determined by me, wins the box for the person they wrote about. So if you want to give a huge “thank you” to someone in our community but don’t have the means to do it now is your chance to do it at my expense.

The contest will run through the weekend and I will determine a winner next week.

This contest is open to all Ratebeer users in the lower 48 states. No premium membership or trade history required.

The person we are going to start with was my 13th trade (my lucky number) and shares the same first name as me:


beers 5955 º places 410 º 17:19 Wed 3/7/2012


beers 5955 º places 410 º 17:20 Wed 3/7/2012

Oh, I see...

Because he’s so god damned fabulous?

places 23 º 17:21 Wed 3/7/2012

Obviously, notalush deserves the beer so that he can figure out how this contest works

well notalush will drink one everyday instead of all of them in one day. He will learn to appreciate them individually with a clean palate.

beers 787 º places 21 º 17:22 Wed 3/7/2012

I think notalush deserves the beer because of his brevity and curiosity.

beers 19 º places 11 º 17:22 Wed 3/7/2012

because he’s definately not a lush?

beers 5955 º places 410 º 17:25 Wed 3/7/2012

Four votes for me already. You can end this contest now.

Oh, wait...that’s not how this works, either...

beers 2468 º places 57 º 17:25 Wed 3/7/2012

Rando7 deserves this box because he has a gnome avatar

beers 924 º places 68 º 17:25 Wed 3/7/2012


beers 1836 º places 106 º 17:26 Wed 3/7/2012

StefanSD deserves it because San Diego has no good beer.

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