Free Beer: Cellar Cuvee Edition

Reads 5541 • Replies 93 • Started Wednesday, March 7, 2012 5:18:24 PM CT

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beers 10000 º places 672 º 09:07 Sat 3/10/2012

Watson should get the beers because he never gives up. Even if you don’t pick him he’ll still find a way to win.

beers 3725 º places 182 º 09:10 Sat 3/10/2012

GT2 should get them just so ben benedict doesnt have a chance.

09:13 Sat 3/10/2012

Originally posted by watson1977
Jaschais should get the beer because he promises to rate them for his first and only ratings.

i will. i promise.

beers 145 º places 12 º 22:35 Sat 3/10/2012

Jaschais deserves this package because we worked out a deal that could benefit the OP. We will ebay the beer recieved to pay for tickets/expenses to the next "hyped" beer release. Then we will use ebay’d money to pay people to stand in line and buy as much "hyped" beer as possible. This will make the value of the "hyped" beer more "hyped" since we have it all. We will continue this process until we develop a system where the OP will recieve a free bottle from every "hyped" beer release we attend. In other words, send Jaschais the Jackie O’s box and you will be taken care of

beers 3336 º places 108 º 12:57 Sun 3/11/2012

TheRealBastard deserves this package because he is going premium. AREN’T YOU????

beers 9306 º places 200 º 13:06 Sun 3/11/2012

Elwood should get the beer because he plays a mean harmonica.

13:08 Sun 3/11/2012

Blipp should get the box because he mean-mugs like no other when smoking a stogie!

beers 2999 º places 126 º 15:48 Sun 3/11/2012

krumb should get the beer because you don’t want to make that mustache angry. You wouldn’t like that mustache when he’s angry. Also, you can bet that the ’stash would consume at least 1/10 of the beer that krumb drinks. Don’t you want to share your beer with the ’stash?

beers 2451 º places 57 º 17:35 Sun 3/11/2012

Bacterial should win as he has the capability to infect us with Surly and Town Hall strains of yeast.

beers 1021 º places 13 º 17:38 Sun 3/11/2012

stefanSD should win for compiling all the free beer week contests and showing us all what a kick-ass community we are.

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