FT: í12 Churchillís, RareR DOS, BA Hi-Fi, etc. ISO: BA Dark Lord(s) and Others

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places 1 º 10:12 Mon 12/31/2012

Iíd like to get this done IP in the Chicago/NWI area, but Iím able to ship if necessary. Shipping preference goes to bigger trades.

I can ship first as well.



CFH í12

BA Hi-Fi (B1 and B2)

BA Alpha Klaus w/ Raspberries

2006 DL

Ithaca LeBleu


Abacus (2011/B1)

Mother of All Stormsí12

Full Bourbon County Vert (05-12)


Cable Car (any year works for me)

Bourbon Dark Lord

Pappy Van Winkle Dark Lord

Cognac Dark Lord



Other things Iíd like to give a taste:

Cigar City Imperial Cognac Sweet Stout whatchacallit

Southampton Black Raspberry Lambic

Captain Lawrence Barrel Select Gold

Probably some other stuff Iím forgetting...oh well.

Cheers fellas.

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