FT: ’12 Sexual Chocolate / ISO: ’12 Freetail Ananke

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11:27 Wed 6/13/2012

I’ve got up to 4 bottles of ’12 SC for trade. Looking to land a bottle or 2 of ’12 Freetail Ananke. 1 for 1. Also willing to expand. check out my cellar link here for more of my gots: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Arvu1Ks_Qg1ydERKTjFhSkY4dm9FaUo5NlFiOVVzdlE#gid=0

please feel free to pass along your gots/haves list if you’ve got one.


beers 18 º places 1 º 12:22 Wed 6/13/2012

BM sent

20:25 Wed 6/13/2012

thanks for all the offers guys, this one is CLOSED

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