FT: 1987 Thomas Hardy's Ale x 6 ISO: List

Reads 1087 • Replies 2 • Started Sunday, November 5, 2017 2:14:05 PM CT

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14:14 Sun 11/5/2017

I've been trading a few cases of these Hardy's now for the last couple years and I'm down to the last 6 of them. They've been cellared in one location at 55-57 degrees for these last 30 years. I'm open to trading them all st once but I'd like to trade at least 2 per trade depending on the bottles involved. Glad to give their story or answer any questions. Type of beers I'm looking for:

3F Hommage, Golden Blend, Framboos
Side Project
Hill Farmstead
Bottle Logic
BC variants including any 2017pre
JK fruits
Black Gold
Other similar bottles


15:45 Sun 11/5/2017

Got pics?

16:01 Sun 11/5/2017

Sure, pm me your email or cell and I'll send

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