FT: 2016 Bo & Luke 4-Pack, ISO: 2017 Bo & Luke 4-Pack

Reads 381 • Replies 1 • Started Tuesday, October 24, 2017 12:18:16 PM CT

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beers 14287 º places 682 º 12:18 Tue 10/24/2017

I'm looking for the newest Bo & Luke 4-Pack, released this past weekend (with White Ash, White Oak, Sassafras Wood variants). I'm also looking for the Amburana variant, as well.

I have the 2016 Bo & Luke 4-Pack (with Scotch, Rum, and Tequila variants), and I can add any number of options for the Amburana variant.


beers 14287 º places 682 º 13:06 Mon 10/30/2017


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